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Standing up against nursing home abuse and neglect

Approximately 15,600 nursing homes participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs in the United States. This does NOT take into account the more than 30,000 assisted living facilities in the country. More than 1.4 million Americans - typically persons in frail health - reside in nursing homes. Sadly, nursing home abuse and neglect impacts many nursing home residents.

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The Advance Directive: An Effective Way to Protect Your Rights


Shortly after our Constitution was ratified in 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote that "nothing is certain except death and taxes." His prophecy has remained right on the money for over 225 years, with one important distinction. In 1789 the average American's life expectancy was 36 years. Today, people routinely live into their 80's and 90's.

In the two centuries since Franklin's prediction, the way that we accept and prepare for the end of life has changed dramatically. To be sure, none of us is promised tomorrow. However, absent unforeseen accidents, we have more control over the circumstances preceding death than ever before. Advances in medical technology have created life-sustaining techniques that make it possible to prolong life far beyond what our grandparents and great-grandparents ever imagined.

When planning for your own end-of-life care 

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