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Fighting Drunk Driving (DUI) Charges In Georgia

Have you been charged with DUI in Georgia? The consequences of a conviction are harsh, including driver’s license suspension, steep fines, increased insurance rates and possible jail time. The good news: An accusation does not equal a conviction. No matter how strong the police claim their case is, there are effective defense strategies an experienced lawyer can use on your behalf.

At Parker and Lundy in Cedartown, we provide strong defense representation against drunk driving charges and other criminal offenses. Our attorneys are here to protect your driver’s license, your pocketbook and your future.

DUI Defense Strategies

Our drunk driving defense lawyers will scrutinize every aspect of the state’s case against you, including:

  • The stop: Police cannot stop you based on a hunch or a guess. If they pull you over for no valid reason, evidence gained from the stop may be deemed inadmissible in court.
  • The breath test: Breathalyzer test results often play a key role in a DUI case. These machines must be properly maintained, calibrated and operated by qualified personnel. If not, they may be giving a faulty reading.
  • The field sobriety test: These tests are very subjective and under the right circumstances, a perfectly sober person can fail them. These tests often fail to take into account health conditions, obesity and other factors that can make it difficult to pass.

Every case has unique factors. We will craft a defense strategy based on the particulars of your case to give you the best possible chance of putting this criminal charge behind you.

Start Building A Strong Defense Right Away

A drunk driving arrest is frightening, but it does not equal a conviction. With skilled defense representation, you can fight this charge and give yourself the best possible chance of obtaining a favorable outcome. To learn how our lawyers can defend you against DUI charges in Polk County or the surrounding area, call us at 770-749-7030 or contact us online.